• The Future of EMF Protection & Stress Support

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The Future of EMF Protection & Stress Support


"I love mine. Have noticed faster recovery, better sleep, and a more balanced nervous system."

Breakthrough EMF Protection Technology

Tested extensively with professional athletes, ultimate fighters, celebrities, best-selling health authors and many more.

Stress Is Everywhere

Harmonize Your Body

Calm & Energize 

"We are loving our Harmoni Pendants that help with all the EMFs we are exposed too. Plus it has a ton of other health benefits such as helping lower stress and improve your sleep. Check it out for yourself."

Jonathan Otto, documentary filmmaker

"I've been feeling so much better. But forgot to wear it yesterday and definitely had a dip in energy and a bit of a headache. Back on today. Feeling much more centered and content."

Lisa Herndon

As I was activating the pendant I felt it “activating”-hard to explain but I felt an energy like grid expanding around my body. A bit shocked but glad it was working. Then as I wore the pendant that day I felt so clear and joyous. I’ve suffered the past year so I haven’t felt much joy in my life. This was a totally new experience.

Mary Heinz

"That very first night when I went to bed, I fell asleep within ten minutes! I have not been able to do that in years. And since then, I fall asleep quickly and sleep longer without waking up multiple times during the night. It had been so long since I slept like that–that I had forgotten what it felt like to have a deep, relaxed and restful sleep. I feel my stress decreasing over time and my energy increasing over time. I am eternally grateful."

Gail Lynn Mattingly

"I have slept better, with less discomfort, the last 3 nights than I have in the last few years. and I haven't had to nap - it's been months since that has happened. so, the pendant is really the only change.... could it be helping that much? Dunno, but not taking it off lol"

Dee B.